Date Kuno

Th editorial group is talking about an event. One graphic artist was contemplating whether he’ll go or not.

One of our EICs jokingly asked him: Sino ang ka-date mo ha?

To which our (really eccentric) GA replied: Si kalungkutan…

Gawd, emo mode! Gano’n talaga s’ya. Weird.

We all laughed.


Snippets of Wisdom

While having our editorial workshop at the PDI Multi-Purpose Room, frames hanging on the wall caught my attention. Maganda kasi yung mga landscape photos na andun. Astig yung sunset, yung trees, yung rocks, yung skies…

At astig din yung mga words of wisdom underneath the pictures…


Think win-win.

Put first things first.

Be proactive.

Sharpen the saw.

Short sentences which obviously speak a lot. Let’s get something out of them.

Inspiring words

“Hindi ako dapat tamarin. Marami akong pangarap.”

– Paul

Nasabi n’ya ‘to kanina habang nakasakay kami sa tricycle. Hinatid nya ako pauwi bago siya pumasok sa trabaho. Nakakatamad nga naman ang shift nya kaya kailangan ng matinding motivation.


“Oy *bleep* next time don’t say you’re small ha? Just say you’re vertically-challenged”

                                    -Von Arroyo to me during our Eye Contact-cum-Voice Communication II session last night

“I tried teaching kids and I’ll never do it again. Wala kaming ginawa kung ‘di mag-drawing. Kaya siguro hindi ako ginawang straight para hindi ako magkaanak” (or was it manganak?)

-Von Arroyo to the class

*Eh sino ba si Von Arroyo? He’s that ‘terror’ speech teacher in Pinoy Dream Academy. He’s a lot nicer and VERY GOOD-LOOKING in person. ‘Yung tipong mapapa-buntong-hininga ka nalang at masasabing “haaaay, sayang!” By the way, he’s also very much veritically-challenged.

In a “one thought-first thought” segment of an open forum in Pasig where a senator-elect, a governor-elect, and a mayor-elect guested, former 3rd District of Albay Rep. and now Governor of Albay joey Salceda, an economist allied with the administration, wittingly answered and made the audience laugh:

Bush and Blair: “Forgettable.”

Charter Change: “Forget it.”

Empowerment: “Dream.”

Biodiversity: “I give money to it.”

GMA: “She trusts me.”

There were other parts of the  discussion that convinced me why the president wanted him to be in her Cabinet and why he won as governor but the fewer words and the conviction I saw in these quotes topped his other convincing but long answers. 

His fellow politicians admit that he is a loss in Congress but a gain of Albay.

For him, what Albay needs is a strong economy, a strong environment, and strong governance. Nice. I hope these would materialize.

The Good Walker

“You are a very good walker.”
-my Visual Poise I instructor

So should I make this a career now? Haha! I was really flattered because I always thought that I was a sloppy walker. Well, actually I was, way before I took these lessons. Oh goody, this means I am capable of absorbing everything that they are teaching me and really put them to practice.

Next time I’ll try to be a good runner naman! =)

Weekend Quotes

One of our funny artists was on his usual joke mode. While admiring himself on his latest feat of being involved in various sports, he proudly said…

Uy, ang galing ko. Gayahin ko nga sarili ko.

Wow! Such self-esteem. I wish I can copy myself also.


Here’s another quote I found on the Net. Medyo enigmatic ang dating:

I’m pessimistic but I don’t lose hope.

Wow! Such irony. I think I’m also like this. Haha!


While traveling with my siblings on a car to some far away place, my older brother, who’s sitting on the backseat with my sisters and I, was eyeing the road intently. My younger brother sitted on the passenger seat was dozing off. He said, “Matutulog muna nga ako. Anlayo pa nito eh.”

My older brother, who’ll take the wheel once our driver gets sleepy, said “O sige mabuti yan para may kasama akong gising mamaya pag ako na nagdri-drive.”

My younger brother (who by far exceeds us on being a pilosopo) replied, “Bakit, feeling mo naman makakatulog sina ate pag ikaw na ang nag-drive!”

Good point.

My older brother has this kaskasero reputation so we were awake the whole time he was behind the wheel. We’re even giving him pointers on what road to take, on when to slow down and if there’s a hump or bump on the road. Kami na hindi marurunong magdrive.